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This really is my 63rd cruise and 120th cruise general. But Iam still in university, Iam scared they will differentiate applicants having a diploma holder their cabin crew demands obviously improved, college stage was improved by them into college degree holder. I've been approved to endure it for cabin team in Pacific air lately, Iam contained in batch 88 that may start on June/September. For training-this June for cabin staff place at Philippine airlines I simply got in and scheduled. It really affects me coz I previously resigned for that teaching from my current work in preparation. Hi martha I am just indicating that having a child won't be considered a hindrance to be a cabin staff as a result of my buddy who got in just last month with a 4 yr old child.

Greetings, I am Mish A25 yearold man who desires to be always a FA. I used-to teach Fighting Styles to get a many years and had a great number of activities with a lot of different jobs like Construction as well as being truly a Branch Director and Government Accounts Manager...But this occupation flight attendant really appealed in my experience since it had the savy to be a PR wrapped using the acceptance and style of Variety as well as the guru of security and safety of people like the diciplines and principles of Martial Arts.

But Iam still in college, I'm afraid they'll differentiate people with a diploma holder their cabin staff needs seemingly improved, college stage was changed by them into college degree-holder. I've been approved to undergo working out for cabin team in Pacific atmosphere recently, I'm a part of order 88 that'll begin June/July. I planned for training this August for cabin crew situation at Philippine airlines and just got. It really affects me coz I already resigned from my existing workin preparation for your education. Hello martha I'm just declaring that having a child will not be described as a hindrance to become a cabin crew because of my friend who got in just last month having a 4 yr old kid.